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Service Level Agreement

Information on our uptime guarantee and SLA credit claims

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Here at BulwarkHost, uptime is of utmost importance. We guarantee that all of our services will have at least 99.9% uptime every month. Should we not meet this guarantee in any given month, we will credit a percentage of the client’s monthly service fees based on the following tiers:

  • 99.8% to < 99.9% = 25% credit
  • 99.7% to < 99.8% = 50% credit
  • 99.6% to < 99.7% = 50% credit
  • ≤ 99.5% to < 99.6% = 100% credit


Account credits may not be redeemed/exchanged for cash.

We will only allow one SLA credit claim per client per month.

Downtimes caused by scheduled and announced maintenance work are exempted from the SLA.

Downtimes due to natural disasters or DDoS attacks are exempted from the SLA.

Clients participating in illegal, malicious, or any other activities that violate our Terms of Service will not qualify for SLA claims.

We will not provide credits to clients with invalid and/or unverified claims. Statistics provided by external uptime monitors may not be used to claim credits.

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